A Song For The Mommas Out There - "It Hurts"

As Mother's Day rolls in, here's one for all the mommas out there! 

I've hesitated sharing this song for awhile because it's a bit brutally honest, but I'm counting on all the parents to understand what I'm saying. (Or anyone that takes care of young children for that matter.)

I wrote this song about a year and a half ago, when my kids were 10 mon., 3, and 5 and mothering was......really really hard. And really really beautiful. It was equally the most amazing, joy filled experience of my life, and also the freaking hardest thing I'd ever done. 

You really can't be prepared for it. 9 months of your body not being your body...the physical trauma of labor...all the hormones...thrown into not sleeping for months...and then throw in the tantrums of toddlers and shenanigans of preschoolers and WHOA. Just whoa. 

And I know, I know...there are much harder things... horrific things that people go through everyday around the world, so this song is certainly a lighter expression of a hard time. But I know I'm not alone when I say that being a mother has been the most refining process I've known...and I'm deeply grateful for it. 

So, here you go! The dichotomy of motherhood in a song! Happy Mother's Day!