The Table


This is a song about gathering...about communion...about heaven. 

You know the feeling. It's when you're sitting at a table with good friends or family and the conversation is easy and rolls through the night. When laughter and connectedness fills your soul and you just don't want to leave. Sharing food and drink with each other...enjoying the goodness God...full of thankfulness. 

There's something magical about it. Something holy. 

The Bible talks about a great feast in heaven...a banquet at the table of God when Christ has returned and made all things right again. No sorrow or sadness or evil...just celebrating. 

I think on earth we get little glimpses of heaven. Little tastes and experiences of the real thing. We come just close enough to want more, and then that thing escapes us. 

As the holiday season draws near and you gather around tables with your favorite people, delicious food and drink, may you take in the goodness of God and experience a little bit of heaven in your home. 

Cheers friends!