Walls - A Tom Petty Tribute

Back in California, my daughter, Violet, went to an amazing school that did things like have school wide sing-a-longs, joining together with their "McAuliffe songs" that they've been singing for years and years. Tom Petty's "Walls" was one of those songs. This one quickly became one of Violet's favorites; singing it to herself often and requesting it every time we take out the guitar. 

When I told her that Tom Petty, the artist who wrote "Walls", had passed away, she was really sad...like he was someone that she knew. And I totally get it. When a song becomes part of your life soundtrack, it becomes more than just a song. It becomes part of you.

What an amazing legacy of writing and performing timeless songs that have carried on through 5 decades of changing music culture. Songs that capture the hearts and ears of 7 year olds, 20 years after their release.